Hey now! Well, guess WHAT? Popthomology will be coming to you for the next couple of weeks once again from sunny South Florida! I can't even believe by the end of the first week of January, I will have spent six weeks of the year here! All due, of course, to the gracious and generous hospitality from the friends I have made here, and I thank them profusely. Miss Ten is also with me again -- the trip was her surprise Christmas present, the thing she wanted most of all.

We went to the Seattle airport on Christmas Night and found that exactly none of the restaurants were open, so our Christmas Dinner was a pretty unremarkable snack box meal from the magazine stand, which we ate with good humor nonetheless.

Our 5+ hour redeye flight consisted of:

12 pieces of gum chewed;
11 crying babies;
10 minutes dozing;
9 interruptions from the captain;
8 trash pickups;
7 cups of water;
6 lousy NBC Universal comedies;
5 tries at finding the headphone input;
4 luggage pieces;
3 incidences of heavy turbulence;
2 lousy in-flight movies;
and one small vomit in an air sickness baaaaaaag!

We arrived in Miami today at about 6:30AM, and promptly went to obtain DELICIOUS FRESH NOVA LOX AND BAGELS.

We have a lot of fun and weirdness and concerts and eating and shopping and touristing and such to bring you. But now, I'm catching up on some zzz's. LATER, GATORS!