My mom is 86 years old today! I asked her for a few reflections on the day.

How lucky can you be? I can follow my interests. I can see, so I can read. I can walk and get around and do things by myself! 
As much as this big house is a burden and not appropriate for someone my age, it's like I live in a park, with beautiful pines and oaks. I made chicken soup the other day, and threw the extra stuff out into the side yard and watchied a little red squirrel bring some chicken skin to his mother, avoiding nasty crows and bluejays. I have my new little herd of 15 wild turkeys that come by! There's deer and herons!

My birthday is full of gifts and I am always remembered my children  I don’t dare mention anything I like, because poof! There's an Amazon box! I'm going to get to use my favorite tool in the world, the box cutter!

You learn not to sweat the small stuff at my age. You don’t linger on small mistakes or get embarrassed. People are more forgiving when you are older because they say, "Oh, she's old," which is great! It isn’t all bad, it isn't all rust. 

I look at the lottery winners and wonder, "Well, do you have the whole package?" Do you have people in your life that like you, that love you, that are there for you when you need a helping hand? We are surrounded by images of bad crummy stuff, but then a perfect stranger comes  along and does something nice like gives you a seat. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. I don’t know very many people luckier than I am.
I don't know many people luckier than I am. Happy birthday, Mom.