If you believe that as an American citizen, you have the inalienable right to own any kind of gun and to carry it anywhere you go, so be it. You've got millions of people who agree with you. My suggestion? If you insist on your guns coming with laughably-poor access controls, I insist that you bear your part of the responsibility for the thousands of gun murders we have in the United States every year. 

Your gun license should arrive with a week's MANDATORY full-time duty helping to clean up bloody gun-related crime scenes. 

Get right down in there, cowboys. Help mop up the blood of a dozen or so children murdered in their classrooms. Pick up pieces of bodies shot to pieces. Listen to the screams and anguish from parents and spouses and friends whose lives are forever ruined. Dive in there and see and feel what it is really like, all this horror and gore and misery to protect your paranoid worldview that criminals are coming to get you and that the government will form a military dictatorship and that you, John Fucking Wayne, will always have the presence of mind and perfect skills to save the day with your firearm. 

Stand there in reality, and then have the balls to tell those families to their faces how important your goddamn guns are to you.