Are you like me at this point in December, nearly in a bloated diabetic coma from too many holiday sweets, irritable because WHERE IS THE TAPE and WHERE IS THE DAMN SCISSORS when I need to wrap a package to take to HELLISH LINE in the post office, and annoyed to have to go and stop my child from taking advantage of the patient dog, who does not enjoy being dressed up as Rudolph? If so, maybe you'd like to do what I like to do to clear my mind and raise my spirits for a few minutes. I listen to this, the worst version of "O Holy Night" ever recorded.

The Worst "O Holy Night"

If you ever need to clear a room of lingering guests or infestations of other pests, this will do it.

Anyway, it wasn't until today that I found out the backstory on this recording, and thought I would share that with you today as well. Steve Mauldin takes great pains here to convince us that he is indeed the original vocalist, and I believe him, and furthermore enjoy him taking credit for such ear pain. Bless you, sir; your terrible singing, deliberate or not, is delightful.

"O Holy Night" Singer Steve Mauldin

(Christmas Tree 2012, decorated by Miss Ten)