Mark Williams, Tea Party leader:

"Please don't tell me I'm a Republican tool," he said.

OK. You're just a TOOL then.

Keep at it, stupid. Divide the GOP with your hatred and misguided idea that you can "take back" an America that doesn't just belong to you and your ilk; it belongs to everyone. Divide, divide, divide by getting dimwitted Sarah Palin to vomit out more foul rhetoric, by coming across as butthurt because things aren't going like you want them to, because you don't CONTROL ALL. Disturb the psyches of the people in the GOP who aren't radical messes, who wish to honor the WHOLE POINT OF THIS NATION by accepting differences in opinion and working thoughtfully together with others to work out solutions. Keep trying to say "our way or the highway," and keep using violent images and language like "target" and "aim" in talking about removing all politicians who don't think like you do. Keep sounding like the complete black-hearted miserable creep you are. Show everyone. You will strengthen the resolve of intelligent, strong, and determined people everywhere to rally AGAINST PEOPLE LIKE YOU, who can do nothing but choke real working democracy to death.

Fuck you, asshole. And that's from this mom of three who gladly pays every cent of taxes owed, and well remembers a time when people like you would've been considered national traitors.