The time has come.

Diarrhea Island
will be no more.

I'm saying goodbye to my fecal friend, my crap companion, my bowel-y buddy, with a little tear in my eye and a cramp in my gut.


I'm just re-naming the blog. HA HA, like I'd stop writing shit.

After two years and almost a thousand posts in, it's time for a change. The name "Diarrhea Island" still makes ME laugh and other folks too, but other people find it too scary to even click on. I get that. This is the internet, and GOD KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE LIKELY TO SEE when you click on anything that has anything to do with bodily emissions. Furthermore, I am more than ready to stop getting so much traffic from people who LIKE loose poop, or answers on how to deal with loose poop, or scat porn. Thousands of people have landed at DI after a Google search wondering "why Chipotle causes diarrhea," did you know that? Poor them -- I'm no help, although I did write one entry on diarrhea to throw them all a bone...or, rather, some toilet paper.

It's also kind of a drag when I am talking to "normal people" and they go all "OOH! WHAT'S THE NAME OF YOUR BLOG? I'D LOVE TO READ IT!" and I have to say




And then I do a little tap-dance of an explanation that "http://diarrheaisland.blogspot.com" is NOT a filthy place all about rotovirus problems -- or worse -- while watching their somewhat-contained cringing horror. Sigh.

So, if Blogger has informed me correctly, Diarrhea Island will still be here, like right HERE with all the old entries and such, the RSS feed will still work for you subscriber types, but the new address will be:


I hope you appreciate it will now cost me TEN WHOLE AMERICAN DOLLARS PER YEAR to now be able to say my blog name without blushing and tap-dancing in public. In the coming days, I will re-design the site with a new layout and titles and such, so expect that. Don't expect the writing to change, except hopefully to always improve. I do love trying to bring you something you might enjoy every day. Thank you for being here on the Island with me.

So I'm packing up the Kaopectate, the sandy towels, the flip-flops, and the Solarcaine, and leaving "Diarrhea Island" to digital history, somewhat. I sure will never forget my stay.