Out and about in Washington today, we decided to go to the National Zoo, along with FIVE MILLION PEOPLE PUSHING BABY STROLLERS. Or more accurately, not pushing them at all and stopping them across the zoo pathways impeding my forward movement so 6-mo-old Dirkus Jr. can see the foot of a sleeping leopard. My feeling is that most often Dirkus Jr. would be happier hanging out at home until he's actually big enough to see anything besides a parade of other people's butts. Grumble grumble. The escalator was all broken on the Metro station too, and the walk down was so steep I got all dizzy and stomach upset, which may have affected my mood.

But no matter. The weather turned hazy warm, and we veered away from most of the IMPEDERS and spent most of our visit at the bird exhibits. I like birds. They are so...prehistoric and peculiar and beautiful. There were many fine specimens and I enjoyed taking their pictures. I can't tell you the names of them because, frankly, I don't care. I just like looking at them.

This guy looks like he's all sad to be pooping out a lovely colorful bird.

I like how they all get along. I wonder if birds gossip. Surely they do.

Beware!!! The Aggressive Crone! Oh, wait. Crane. Sorry.

Bird texture time! I get all excited about this sort of thing.

Spring is in the air -- bird flirtation games!

Bird...bird...bird...bird... PANDA!

Thank you birds and panda of the National Zoo for improving my mood. I will leave you with some Zoo Zen.