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Why do fools fall in love?

Fools primarily fall in love for the overwhelming biological mandate to produce children. Although fools are most likely to fall in love with another fool they have known for some time (see: propinquity), the primary driving forces in the beginning stages of love are attraction and lust. Psychologically, the fool brain also looks to receive the highly pleasurable emotions stoked by human intellectual connection, mutual admiration, and intimate acceptance. The hormones released during the initial phases of falling in love has been compared to crack cocaine in both its euphoric and addictive effects.

And lovers await the break of day?

The male fool usually awakes with an erection, a normal function of a healthy reproductive system. Testosterone levels are at their highest in the early morning hours.

Why do birds sing so gay?

Homosexual behavior has been observed in over 1500 species. In the avian world, this includes penguins, flamingos, and swans. Current research suggests that bird gayness is an expected natural variant of the avian population. It has not been determined if birdsong is effected by the judygarlandus effect.

Why does the rain fall from above?

When it is warm, air becomes saturated with water vapor coming up from our lakes, rivers, ponds, seas, canals, and oceans, forming clouds. Air becomes colder as it ascends, and the water vapor droplets within the rising clouds become heavier, and then fall to earth again as rain.

Why does my heart skip a crazy beat?

There may be several causes for heart arrhythmia, including stress, heart disease, fatigue, anxiety, anemia, low levels of oxygen, overuse of stimulants, hyperthyroidism, mitral valve prolapse, or fever. However, skipped beats are common even in structurally-normal hearts and the occasional crazy beat should not be a cause for unusual concern.

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