(Today's car conversation with MissNine, which would not have occurred if Mr13 had been in the car.)

MissNine: I think I have a crush, kind of.

Me: Really? That's nice. Anyone I know?

MissNine: Yes. It's (xxx) from my class.

Me: Ah. He's a nice boy.

MissNine: Yeah, pretty much.

Me: So, why do you think you have a crush on him? What do you like about him?

MissNine: (pauses) Well...we both like bikes.

Me: I see.

MissNine: And we both have the same political interests.

Me: (giant spreading unseeable grin) 

MissNine: He's cute.

Me: That's a classic reason.

MissNine: I think that's it.

Me: All pretty solid.

MissNine: Yeah.

Me: Well, thanks for letting me know.


The White Stripes, "We're Going To Be Friends"