That's my simple message to the good folks in my home state right there. Today was the official beginning of the signature drive to recall divisive corporate shill Governor Scott Walker, and the success or failure of this effort will be felt by every state in the Union and will impact the 2012 Presidential outcome, which therefore influences the world.

It's a big deal.

Make no mistake: this is not going to be an easy task. In only two months, 540,208 legitimate signatures must be obtained, hand-signed, and collected in order to trigger a recall election. That is a lot of signatures in a state with only a little over 5.5 million people total, and a very short amount of time to get them.

Wisconsin still remains at present a very politically-divided state, with strong liberal and conservative camps that have fundamental differences of opinion. But in the case of Scott Walker, the fact that he aligned himself with the GOP doesn't even matter. No supporter of any political party should tolerate a corrupt leader who will use every dirty political trick in the book to advance the interests of power-mad billionaires who have rocket-boosted his or her career (I include Arizona Governor Jan Brewer here as well). This is the cancer that has infected our political system, in all branches at all levels. We cannot continue as a free society or any kind of functional democracy if we tolerate our country being sold to the highest bidder. That's no opinion, just plain fact. Just look at the the world around you.

I know that corruption is always a problem in any government or power structure, but the boldness in which it operates so openly now in America is shocking to me. They are bold because they know how far and how deep their influence is rooted, and they think there's nothing we can do about it now. But we can, and we must. Wisconsinites are going to have to put aside some of their differences now and agree to work together to make the recall happen. All of you deserve so much better than Scott Walker.

You can read a summary here of the man's"accomplishments" in office, because it is simply too much to write here. Jaw-dropping.

If you are a Wisconsin resident and eligible to vote, you may download, sign, and mail in a recall petition from here, attend one of the many scheduled recall events, or can choose to sign a petition from a door-to-door canvasser. But do be careful: opponents of the recall have already detailed plans to circulate petitions and then dump the signatures, as well as spread disinformation about who can and cannot sign a petition. Be sure the person who is asking you to sign is legit!

Scott Walker is a liar, and someone who has no problem whatsoever throwing all the citizens of his state under the bus. The consequences of his extreme, one-sided agenda are being felt in schools that are more crowded, under-staffed, and under-funded, increasing unemployment, and an increased level of vicious, hateful partisan politics that leave a horrible stain on my beautiful state.

Boot him out, Wisconsin. Sign now.

Video: "Wisconsin Can't Wait"