What a world. Instead of watching Mommy cook or clean or sew, my kids watch me write, take photos, and run the coffeemaker. It's not a surprise, then, that a few of them like the idea of having their own blogs. Why not, I say, as long as no one is writing about sex, drugs, or, god forbid, Justin Bieber. Miss Nine's Chicken Dot Com has been up for a few years and reflects her normal & surrealist views on life. She posts on it when she feels like it. She's been wanting to start a new blog about fashion and design for a couple of months, and today we finally got it done. I was told in no uncertain terms that I should relay this info to Popthomology readers so, with an evil-smiling little girl by my side, I bring you Girls Daily Fashion.

I hope the site works as a nice repository for all the megatons of art-related things she produces, and that she continues to enjoy creating and sharing creative works her whole life. It's kind of like a international digital version of kids' artwork displayed on family fridge, huh? What a world.