(The after-school conversation between Miss Nine and myself in the car today. Mr13 was recused, as he was at a birthday party.)

MissNine: (getting into the car at the pick-up line at school, noticing "One (Blake's Got A New Face)" by Vampire Weekend is playing on the radio, smiles) Hi Mom! Oh, that's nice -- I never get to hear this song much. What kind of music would you call this?

Me: Hmm. Well...kind

M9: Ezra is kind of yelpy there.

Me: Ya.

M9: (looking out the car window as we drive along) What kind of person would smash someone's pumpkin? That's so rude!

Me: Funny you mention that! Someone said the same thing online today. It's terrible, isn't it.

M9: Yes it is! Did you ever smash a pumpkin?

Me: Never. It always made me sad to see.

M9: Me too! Why would someone do that? Those pumpkins belong to little kids a lot!

Me: I guess people do that because they think it's funny or cool, they can make their friends think they are daring or something. Generally, a guy who would take someone's nice holiday decoration and smash it doesn't feel too good inside. There's some people who are so miserable they only feel better if everyone else is sad or unhappy too.

M9: That doesn't make any sense.

Me: I know.

M9: The worst thing would be if someone smashed a pumpkin that looked like Ezra form Vampire Weekend. I would be so mad.

Me: (smiling) Me too.

(painting of Ezra Koenig by matimoo)