(MissNine and Mr13 once again in discussion after school.)

MissNine: Everyone at my school is currently having a Chuck Norris fixation!

Mr13: Why?

M9: It started with Chuck Norris jokes and now everyone is talking about Chuck Norris all the time.

Mr13: Do you even know who Chuck Norris is?

M9: (pausing) No...I just like saying his name. CHUCK! NORRIS!

Me: Chuck Norris is a Republican.

M9: A what?

Mr13: A Republican. One of the political sides.

M9: What's the difference?

Mr13: It's like this. They all want to do good stuff to help America, but they have different ideas about what they want to do. Like, Republicans think it's good to help businesses a lot.

M9: And?

Mr13: And Democrats like to...give money to orphanages and buy food for poor people.

M9: Who doesn't like to help poor people?? Really!

Me: (using all self-control to zip lip)