I'll admit it: I had definitely conflicting feelings about Welsh powerhouse pop singer Tom Jones when I was a kiddie. On one hand, he obviously had a unique, powerful voice, had some really darn catchy songs, and seemed like a good dude. On the other, I was made thoroughly squeamish by all his undulating dance moves, overly-tight man-pants, open shirts, square-ish demeanor, and how middle-aged women threw undies at him by the thousands. No, Mom, No. Stop. Please.

It's possible that today was an official marker in my own Middle-Aged Mom days, as Tom Jones' 1968 epic operatic tale of female betrayal, "Delilah," came on the car radio, and I smiled and sang along as I drove down the road. It's a big, big song, I thought, and I had a feeling that I just might find some big musical attempts at the song on YouTube.

Of course I did.

First, your reference point, the original:

Tom Jones, "Delilah"

This man decided to celebrate his 50th birthday by covering the song. He's in the shadows for a reason, I think.

Um. Uh. Um. Uh. What.

I think Stu here is a pal of the first dude. Oh, Stu. The end note may have damaged the camera.

I'd include this guy just because he has a LION on his TIE. Not for any sort of musicality, though.

Oh, good god. Val. No, Val, No. Stop, Val, before your glowing TV CONSUMES US ALL!!!!!!!!!!

And finally... if you thought it could not possibly get worse after that one? WRONG.