What do I love? Well, I love a lot of things, but today I am telling you that I LOVE PEOPLE WHO DO THINGS. Doing things is so much better than not doing things; it's not very likely you would, on your deathbed, say, "Aw, jeez, I really wish I would have done so much less in life," right? But I understand -- doing stuff is harder than not doing stuff. We are all guilty of foaming at the mouth about how things should change and if only this and if only that and knowing we should do something, but most often, we don't. We wait for Someone Else To Do Stuff, for all kinds of reasons.

We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for our political leaders to DO SOMETHING to put more people back to work in decent jobs in this country, but they can't seem to play nice. There are some good people with good ideas up in D.C., for sure, but they seem to have all been knocked senseless from too many hardballs to the head from the opposing side. So be it; they will all have to face the music when the voters examine their records when elections roll around again.

But today, of all things, a Big Corporation has DONE SOMETHING to try to bypass all that and give some deserving Americans a head start on a fresh start. Coffee giant Starbucks this month has launched "Create Jobs For USA," a partnership with Opportunity Finance Network to provide affordable loans to small- and micro-businesses, non-profits, and other hopeful, motivated entrepreneurs in low-income areas who often have difficulty getting start-up money from Big Banks. Starbucks is getting the ball rolling by providing 5 million dollars in seed money, and will be selling cool bracelets, like mine below, at all Starbucks for a $5 donation, 100% of which will go directly to the cause.

How many of our leaders have forgotten that we are nothing as a nation if we choose to separate ourselves into hateful camps, unwilling to listen or help others who may think differently than we do! "Indivisible" means something to me as an American, and I'm glad Starbucks chose this word to represent their efforts to try to give some folks a chance to give the ol' Dream another chance, politicians and their awful games out of the equation. Thank you for DOING, Starbucks, and I hope other Big Guys will follow your example.

The Create Jobs For USA Fund video