NO, not for my bass playing, we all know that, although I am oddly and uselessly proud that I don't use a pick when I play bass and also that I can play Love's "7 and 7 Is." No, I, or rather my name in teeny tiny little letters, may be seen in the December 2011 issue of Bass Player magazine next to a photograph I took! The subject is Fredrik Wallin, bassist for Swedish electrowave band Little Dragon, and I took the picture this past September at Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival. I really liked the band -- they had a cool sound and a cool look.

Because of the fabulous interhaps, you can also see the actual performance that the photo came from, videoed by SSG Music. You can't see me, though; I'm in da pit.

Little Dragon, "Intro/Looking Glass," Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle WA, 9/3/11

It's fun having something in actual print again! Also, my "always take pictures of everyone in the band" policy paid off here -- Bass Player found me, rather than me finding them, because they needed a good shot of Mr. Wallin. Having photos of the non-spotlight performers has been a smart thing for me several times -- they are harder to come by for specialty articles (like this one) and retrospectives, and therefore sometimes can be more in demand and you will get PAID. Huzzah!

Anyway, fun fun fun, and yes of course I bought a copy for my mom.