who took the scotch tape?
when I find out who did it
i shall berate you.

oh, christmas gift bag
you are looking quite shabby
reused many times.

what present is this?
i have wrapped you and now i
don't know what you are.

my daughter says, please!
i want to wrap, too! and she
quits in five minutes.

i apologize
for all the damn dog hair stuck 
on the damn scotch tape.

cheap cardboard shirt box!
you are so thin and weak that
your corners rip now.

when cutting wrapping paper
the ends don't meet, damn.

self-adhesive bow!
untruthful decoration!
you fall off, always.

there's something very
satisfying in curling
ribbon with scissors.

my efforts degrade
and wrapping now looks like a
frankenstein patch job.

the temptation is
strong to wrap nothing more and
just go, here! take it!

oh! when will it end?
the answer is known, well-known:
late on christmas eve.