We talk about music a lot in my family, so it's not at all unusual for Couch Young Adult to filter down from his Sloth Pit to share a YouTube video of something he likes with me. or for my daughter, Miss Nine, to comment briefly and randomly about bands (or anything at all, really). There are a lot of bands with "Black" as part of their group name, and I have over the last couple of months compiled a list of comments Miss Nine has made regarding these bands. Think of it as Comment Theme Night. I'll include videos of the songs she specifically was hearing at the time of her opine sprees.

I know she has to grow up someday, but I hope it's not too soon.

The Black Lips, "Raw Meat" (NSFW words)

"They are like the Ramones'... father."

The Black Keys, "Lonely Boy"

"Do you know why I slept through their show? Because all their songs sound the same."

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, "Berlin"

"Is this about being tired after running a lot? When he says he's 'fighting just to breathe' and then goes 'ooh uhh,' I mean. He asks for help a lot."

Black Mountain, "The Hair Song"

"This is Led Zeppelin. I thought they were dead."

Black Flag, "TV Party"

"Wow. These dudes really like TV! I don't know any of the shows they like. Ha ha, are they friends of (Couch Young Adult)?"

Black Angels, "Bad Vibrations"

"This sounds like the exact opposite of the 'Good Vibrations' song, but they both have wiggly sounds in them."

Black Sabbath, "Paranoid"

"Ha ha, these guys sound like hippies trapped in a big old bathroom!"

Black Eyed Peas, "Don't Stop The Party"

"This is horrible. Why would anyone listen to this? It's so awkward"