(I know at this busy holiday season we are all paralyzingly preoccupied with the idea of volcanic eruption, so today I bring you, unedited, Miss Nine's speech about our local very large volcano, Mt. Rainer. You are welcome.)


There can be a lot of things that could happen here. Like if an avalanche happened or a lahar. So that's why I'm here to talk to you about if it erupted. Can you think about all the things? I'm going to tell you.

It would burst smoke out it. It would travel across the world! You might need a gas mask. It would make earthquakes! You could not go many places because your engine could clog up so you can't drive!

It would kill wildlife! Not a lot of vegetation would be there any more. Less resources! Less population there! There are so many things that could happen. The things I told you are just a few things!

Try to listen to when a volcano erupts. Be careful around mountains. Also try to get out of the area if a mountain erupted. That's my report on IF MT. RAINER ERUPTED.

The End.