(I don't know what it is about the 15 minute drive from school to home at the end of the day, but it's certainly one of the best parts of my day. This is utterly unedited.)

MissNine: How old is Ringo?

Me: 71.

MissNine: He looks really good for his age.

Me: Yes, he does.

MissNine: Paul does too.

Me: Yup.

MissNine: The other two are dead, so they can't look good for their age.

Me: Um...right.

MissNine: Paul and Ringo sometimes play together. Ringo never had any problems with anyone, so that's why. The other three were the ones who had the problems getting along together.

Me: (smiling) Yup.

MissNine: (noticing the car radio song display) Twerps?? That's a terrible name for a band.

Me: I like this song.

MissNine: Why would you name yourself after an insult?

Me: Bands are funny.

MissNine: Did you know that some people put shrimp oil in marshmallows? You would never think that but it's true. You just have to have really good tastebuds to know.

Me: Wow.

MissNine: Clouds are pretty.