Man. Everyone is listing and counting down and tallying and such this time of year. I really only pay attention to music lists, because I don’t give a crap about movies or TV or most anything, really. But I do listen to an awful lot of music over the course of a year, not anywhere near as much as I would like to but I sometimes have to eat and let the dog out and sleep.

I don’t like “BEST OF” lists because that is a silly concept. But I can tell you the songs that were released this year that I went mental over, the ones I played over and over. These were the ones that I not only loved, but they sparked some kind of strong emotional connection or inspired me to think about what was possible to create, and certainly greatly added to my life. I am always so genuinely excited to know that every year brings me more wonderful music and surprises. Bring it on, 2010!

In no particular order, because I SAY SO.

What Would I Want? Sky -- Animal Collective
: From their Fall Be Kind EP, this is the sound of December 2009 for me. I really feel this one, more than even I, Wordy McBlart, can say. Beautiful.

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked -- Cage The Elephant: Great bluesy sound, freshly updated, BIG sound, and lots of fun.

The Longing – Eels: Hombre Lobo is a masterpiece of an album, and if I had to give a “best” award, it would go here. Every song on there is remarkable. This one is heartbreaking.

You've Got The Love (Xx remix) -- Florence + The Machine
: This remix by the equally-indie-awesome band The Xx is so hot it isn’t even available for sale yet. So cool and artfully put together, like if you had Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell as a high-tech robots, in the best way possible.

Sinfonia Agridulce -- Mexican Institute Of Sound
: Yes, this is a traditional mariachi version of The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony.” And yes, I think it is funny and incredibly cool and somehow very sweet, too.

Leaving California -- PJ Harvey & John Parish: PJ is one brave and strange artist, and I am sure she would agree. A Woman A Man Walked By is a strong album, and this song made a great impression upon me, about taking risks and trying to do things you think you couldn’t.

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh -- Say Hi
: Another inspiration! Local Seattle band Say Hi, in the recorded sense is really just one guy and a computer, and I loved the clever pop construction of this song from the album Oohs And Aahs. Here’s a live version – I was in the audience, yay!

Answer To Yourself -- The Soft Pack: Formerly known as The Muslims (you can see why they bagged that name), this is a RED HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT song from their upcoming album, TONS of energy YAYAYAYAYAYA! Love it. Love it so much that I popped a harmony on top of it and put it on my player, if you want to hear what that sounds like. Go go go The Soft Pack!

Cousins --Vampire Weekend: These guys can do no wrong it seems. They sell out all their shows, and people are frothing at the mouth to get more songs like this from their soon-to-be released new album, “Contra.” They have an instantly-recognizable sound, and can actually play this perfectly live. Whoa!

Wilco (The Song) – Wilco
: This is just pure fun pop, with a little sarcastic twist, and a lot of heart too.

If I Were Zooey Deschanel –- Marianne
: If you would have told me in 2008 that I would record a song completely off my laptop mic and it would be played on the radio and sold on iTunes and Amazon I would have said OH HALE NO, WUT YOU TALKING, THAT CRAZY. But there we are, and it sure has been a LOT of fun for me and I think for others as well. I also learned a whole lot about Zooey Deschanel fans this year. Man. I regret that I did not have the opportunity to play this at her wedding, which was HERE in Washington. Oh, the pain.

So that’s that. I gave up a nap to write this, and now must navigate my vehicle to pick up my spawn. Rock on, y’all.