Subject to change by the minute. But make of this what you will.

1. The B52s -- Rock Lobster: This was Mr11's favorite song for years. MissSeven has decided it's hers now.

2.Vampire Weekend -- Cousins: She gets excited when this new VW song comes on the radio, and I do too. She would like to see them but I failed on getting tickets. I am a terrible mother. PS. Someone hook me up, eh.

3.Gummibar -- The Gummy Bear Song: I swear she loves this primarily because of just how much I hate it. She laughs at my sour faces and inability to listen to it. She would listen to this 500 times in a row. God.

4. Phoenix -- 1901: Considering they are playing with Vampire Weekend, and she really loves this song too, I doubly failed on the ticket front. Sigh.

5. White Stripes -- Fell In Love With A Girl: A band the entire family likes. She drums along to this wherever she is. She also likes Legos.

Rock on, MissSeven.