I could not give more hearty support to the fine citizens of the United Kingdom who are campaigning to make a Rage Against the Machines song #1 on the British sales charts for Christmas. The British are a funny bunch when it comes to music; they make music that is some of the best ever, yet also have a real fondness for incredibly silly garbage pop, even worse than here in the US. But they get fed up with stuff faster too, hence this backlash against the TV-show-pop-pap that is largely driving the entire music industry now.

This "what's #1 at Christmas" thing is apparently a big deal over in Limeyland, so this is getting a lot of attention. I implore all British fans of D.I. to go to the Facebook page where it all started, and purchase the RATM single TODAY!!! Beyond this delightful F U, the group is also providing a link to donate to Shelter, which is a charitable organization dedicated to improving conditions for the homeless and others. They have raised almost sixty-thousand pounds already via the RATM fun, which is fantastic. If I could join in, you can bet I sure would.

Piss off Simon Cowell and house the homeless for Christmas! GO GO GO BRITS!