I cannot think of anything better to close out the year than another monthly look at some local police blotters across this fine nation of ours. Happy New Year!


Assault: 8:30 p.m., 10800 block of N.E. 121st Street. A 15-year-old Kirkland male was arrested for assault after he struck his mother with a power cord, causing her to feel pain.

Questionable Actions: 6:26 p.m., 400 block 110th Avenue Northeast. An unknown person phoned Bellevue City Hall and made lewd and threatening comments regarding the bikini-clad baristas at a Bellevue coffee stand.

Questionable Actions: 2:15 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., 4900 block Highland Drive. A van slowed down near the victim for a short while before driving off.

Assault: 1 p.m., 15000 block Northeast Bel-Red Road. To gain the victim's attention, the suspect touched the victim's knee.

Questionable Actions: 11:10 a.m., 15000 block Northeast Bel-Red Road. A student was found with a lighter at Highland Middle School.

Possible Theft: A resident called to report that while she was at services at the Holy Rosary Church, her wallet was removed from her pocketbook. However, she called back later to report that the wallet was on the pew and nothing was missing.

Questionable Actions: A Golden Drive resident reported that a person known to her was banging on her door.

Questionable Actions: Someone saw several kids walk out of a local cemetery. The reporting party felt that there might still be kids on the site.

?: Someone at a local propane vendor was soaked when the sprinkler system went off. There was no fire on the premises.

Questionable Actions: A Somers resident reports finding a cut-off corner from a dollar bill. The reporting party found this highly unusual.

Questionable Actions
: Someone on Whitefish Stage Road was alarmed to see a front-loader poised to demolish a home. The home was in fact scheduled to be leveled and all was well.

Questionable Actions: Someone on Solberg Drive heard an individual crunching in the snow outside their house, as if they were running away. Authorities found no footprints in the area.

Questionable Actions: Apparently, a white vehicle drives by a home on Riverside Drive at approximately 1:30 every morning.

?: Someone has a problem with their neighbor in Happy Valley.

Questionable Actions
: A woman in Evergreen reports that her son called her from jail and asked her to do something she didn’t find acceptable.

Disorderly Conduct
: An intoxicated subject attempted to leave a Coram bar in his vehicle but was stopped by other bar patrons. Verbal mayhem ensued.

Quesionable Actions
: Someone reports that their teenage daughter received a photo of her face on another individual's naked body via cell phone.

Questionable Actions: Someone in Bigfork called to report that they had found brand-new luggage in the middle of Grand Drive. The caller also wanted to complain about kids throwing rocks into the bay.


Warrant Arrest
: 4:54 p.m., 400 10th Street. A 15-year-old girl was contacted after she got into an argument with her boyfriend about him calling her four times that day after being released from jail. The girl was subsequently arrested on her three outstanding, no bail juvenile warrants.


Disorderly: Police are recommending the Waukesha County District Attorney's Office charge a 74-year-old man after he allegedly created a disturbance at a senior housing facility.

According to the report, police were called to Wyndham House, 1109 Cecelia Drive, Nov. 10 at about 10:10 p.m. for a resident who was assaulting facility staff. The man had slapped and hit staff members, the report said.

When police arrive, the man was uncooperative and resisted police, including trying to take the badge off one officer. The man was eventually taken into custody and brought to the Police Department, where three officers were needed to calm the man down, the report said.

The man was taken to Waukesha Memorial Hospital where he again was uncooperative, and village police were assisted by a Waukesha County Sheriff's Department deputy, the report said.

The man was then placed in the county mental health facility for observation.

Police are recommending the man be charged with disorderly conduct and resisting an officer.


Dog at Large
: A resident in the 100 block of Small Farm Road was cited Dec. 21 for having a dog at large. It was the third time the owner was cited for this violation.

At Risk: A 61-year-old High Point-area resident called 911 to report that someone was rummaging around in her attic. Officers found no signs of anyone and no signs of tampering—and no sign of the speakers and wire that the woman claimed were draped throughout her residence. The officers also gently informed her that the cat on the living-room floor was deceased and that she could stop her attempts at CPR. The woman admitted that she might have forgotten to take her mental health meds because she had been trying to care for the cat. Her house was orderly, she had food, and was not feeling like she wanted to hurt herself or others, so officers allowed her to remain at home. (She promised to keep a medical appointment later this month.) They did, however, alert outreach mental health professionals to pay a visit.

Animals at Large: Four horses have been running amok on Haywire Gulch since Christmas day. Authorities have been unable to locate the owner of said horses.

Animal Theft: Someone on Foys Canyon Road reports that their neighbor stole their dog and chained it to a tree. Authorities encouraged the neighbor to give it back.

Accident: A vehicle struck a moose in Marion. The driver was fine. The moose ended up at the food bank.

Dog At Large: A big brown dog chased cars in Bigfork.

Animal at Large: A black and white cow escaped its fence and wandered about near Highway 2. The creature’s owner took it home.

Dog at Large: A man on Harmony Road was walking his daughter to work when they were chased by a vicious dog.

Dog at Large: A Rottweiler and his nondescript cohort attempted to attack a man in Columbia Falls.


Disorderly conduct
: Police are recommending the Waukesha County District Attorney's Office charge a 29-year-old Big Bend man for disorderly conduct, domestic abuse after an argument with his wife Nov. 20. During the argument the man threw several items around a room, including a mattress, which unintentionally struck the victim, according to police.


Drunken driving: A 21-year-old Wind Lake woman was arrested for drunken driving at about 7 a.m. Nov. 15 after she was found sleeping behind the wheel of her truck that was stopped in the middle of Villa Drive with the engine running. Police noticed the woman appeared to be intoxicated and was subsequently arrested.


Battery: A 38-year-old Cicero woman told police she was waiting for a bus at Harlem and 18th when she was attacked by three women wearing fur-trimmed hooded parkas. The victim said the attackers punched her in the head and body, tore away her backpack and fled eastward. The backpack contained $60 cash, two rings, a debit card and a Guatemalan driver’s license. The victim described the attackers as three female blacks, all around 6 feet tall and 170-180 lbs.


Theft: A 22-year-old Cicero man told police he was eating at McDonald’s, Cermak and Ridgeland, with friends when a man approached and hugged him. The victim told police he advised the man to get away from him and leave him alone. The hugger accordingly walked away, but stayed in the restaurant. After finishing his food, the victim said, he walked to the bathroom, leaving his black leather coat on his chair. The coat contained $40 in cash as well as the victim’s prescription medication. When the victim came back to the table, the jacket and its contents were no longer there. Another customer told police he had not seen who took the coat, but knew where the hugger lived. Police went to the home of Jose Sanchez, 59, of 2144 Elmwood. Sanchez answered the door and let officers inside, where they could see the victim’s leather coat on a living room chair. The victim was summoned to that address, where he positively identified his coat as well as the prescription medication in the pocket.

When asked whether he had been drinking, Sanchez told police he had. When asked how much, he reportedly stated, “I drink 24 hours a day every day.” He was charged with theft; police also learned he had an active DUI arrest warrant out of Cook County.


Attempted robbery: A woman reported a man approached her in a vehicle and displayed a handgun as she exited Dollar Tree, 723 W. state Route 22 Dec. 4. The report states the man drove off when she said she had no money.


Child Abuse
: Two adult sisters were arrested by police here early Saturday after they were accused of serving alcohol to girls between 7 and 11 years old, then tying two of them up when they started to “get crazy.”

The sisters, Jessica Jordan-McVey, 26, and Rachel Amelia Jordan, 22, were arrested by Eaton police on numerous charges, including child abuse, serving alcohol to minors and false imprisonment. Rachel Jordan's bond is set at $20,000, while her sister Jessica Jordan-McVey's bond is $7,500.

Eaton police Capt. Art Mueller said Monday police learned of the incident after one of the 11-year-old girls told her parents. The parents contacted Eaton police and the investigation began early Saturday morning.

“It appears the two 11-year-old girls were given quite a bit of liquor,” said Capt. Mueller. “Including vodka and Watermelon Puckers, at a barbecue at the suspects' home Friday night.”

The 7-year-old girl was also allowed to drink alcohol.

The captain said the two 11-year-old girls became sick, then, according to the suspects, began “acting crazy.”

The sisters then tied the wrists of one of the 11-year-olds, gagged her with a cloth and attached the rope to a nail in the garage to keep her there, according to Eaton police reports.

The other 11-year-old was also tied up by the wrists and feet. The sisters are also accused of putting the minor girls into the shower to try to sober them up before they took them home.

One of the 11-year-olds was walked home by one of the suspect sisters, and that girl told her parents what happened at the sisters' home.

…and my favorite this time…


Grafitti: A police officer in the 2100 block of Lombard observed graffiti on a garage door, done in silver spray paint. The graffiti read, “F^@% YOU HOE” with “HOE” underlined three times.