MAKING SOMETHING what I do, so there's another song up on the almighty MySpace player! Go December! Anything not to have to sit and wrap more presents, I say. Anyway, the song is called "I Made You Something," which I did with help from a sample from a very cool local funk band from the late '60s called The Black On White Affair. Funnily enough and terribly timely too, it's from their amaaaaaazing version of "Auld Lang Syne," which is beats out Guy Lombardo by a mile in my book. If you can locate a version, you will be a lucky listener, as I was. I popped out a couple of loops for the backing, wrote some new words, and got up and sang in the morning while my voice was all gritty and cracking. I love the guy from TBOWA who is going WOOOOOO! He's my new best friend.

It's fun to have fun, it's fun to have funk, and it's a wrap.