A perfect weather day today, and little on the agenda but to enjoy it. MissEight asked if she could go ride her bike at the neighborhood Junior High parking lot, deserted save for a couple of teens and their summer driver's ed instructor, a maintenance man, and me. Inspired by the family vids by my friend Todd, and the artistic young Spencer Tweedy, I decided to give it a try myself, using my iPhone4 and the Super8 app. Here's how it turned out!

MissEight's Bike Ride 7/5/11 (song is "Steal A Ride" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

Afterwards, we plopped her bike into the car and drove over to the OOGCP for some eats, a strawberry milkshake for Bike Girl, and a fine 20 oz. iced latte for me. To make things even better, we saw Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood as they were exiting the coffee shop and Mrs. Hollywood smiled and said, "Oh! Hello!" to us! What a great day!