I just lurrrrve all things vintage and retro and 20th Century, particularly mid-period design, probably because I am from the mid-20th Century myself. Advertising, fashion, graphics, photography -- there was this mix of sleek and minimalist combined with campy and quirky that continues to inspire generations of artistically-minded folks.

I came across Tack-O-Rama a couple days ago while looking for a new font to use on the *upgraded* "new* and *improved* Popthomology site design, which should roll out, drop, and go live soon. What an awesome resource, and fun to look at and play with even if you aren't a designer of any sort. There's a huge free stash of vintage stock photos, many of which are just plain funny to look at, and how about these free downloadable fonts!

Cool, right? I swear, if I had a regular job I would for sure send out every interoffice memo in Mary Tyler Moore font just to annoy the hell out of everyone. Enjoy!