Summer camp adventures continue, this time to Bainbridge Island,WA., which is a 30 minute ferry ride across the Puget Sound from Seattle. Mr13 was very eager to get back to Islandwood, where he'd stayed with his school class a few years ago, and taking the ferry over is smooth, fun, and pretty. So we loaded up another duffle bag and got in line at the port to get on the big ship to make his 3PM check-in time. The iPhone and Hipstamatic were on duty for visuals today.

Once you park your car on the boat you can walk upstairs to get a bite to eat or just chill out and read or use your computer or whatnot. It's relaxing.

MissEight and I decided to step out on the windy deck, which made for some exceptionally fun hair moments.

Once we got there, we saw Remorseful Bus.

The drive over to Islandwood was just a few minutes (it's a small island, after all), check in was quick and friendly, and we all walked Mr13 to his lodge far back into the gorgeous wooded grounds. It was super-nice, and he was extra-stoked to get a top bunk. He shooed us off with a smile and a hug.

We were a bit hungry, so we stopped at a cool local bakery for a bite. My jam-filled popover was tremendous. I wish I could take the Chicken Class, although I would not actually want to own chickens.

After some shopping and chatting, it was time to go back on the ferry. I shot a little video to give you the feel for it. I just love being out on the water.

Bainbridge Island to Seattle Ferry Ride, 5:30PM, 7/10/11

Back to the city, back to the 'burbs, have fun at camp Mr13 and see you on Friday! See YOU tomorrow.