I miss having a kid playing baseball. I miss playing baseball. CouchTeen used to play -- he's a good athlete -- but quit most sports by age 13, as so many kids seem to. Mr13 and MissEight don't have that competitive team thing in them, and I think if I started playing I would surely injure myself within 30 minutes. Sigh. Anyway, today after I picked up MissEight from day camp, we walked over to the park and had a nice picnic dinner, and then took Big Camera over to the ballfield where a couple of high school teams were having a game. Shooting sports has a lot of commonality to shooting concerts, but with lots better lighting and no one yelling "RRRRRAAWWWK EN ROLLLLLLL!!!" in your ear while crushing a Pabst can on your head.

This was a lot of fun, and brought back a lot of sweet summer memories for me. Play ball!

My favorite moment was when one of the players walking past me with a teammate made a mild swear and was rebuked by his friend, having noticed me and MissEight on the sidelines.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" he said to me sincerely, smiling sheepishly.

I brought my camera down from my eye, grinned, and told him, "No problem."