A simply gorgeous day here: warm sunshine and blue skies, so pleasant that if you thought about it you could melt into a pool of gooey Earth Mother happiness. I was determined to make a little something out of it despite a hacky cough, so I loaded up on some Uber-tussin and MissEight and I drove over in the late afternoon to the small local Farmer's Market. There were dogs and little kids and grandmas and moms, flowers and exotic food and jewelry and a band, and a woman selling raffle tickets for the Rotary Club Duck Dash. It was just the right thing for us to do together.

We were hungry, so we ate right away. My daughter chose a Dim Sum plate, and I got a taco sampler plate with a horchata. The food was just delicious, and after sampling my horchata, MissEight got one too. I cannot say that I can recall either Dim Sum or horchata as offerings at the Wisconsin farmer's markets of my youth. Perhaps bratwurst.

As we ate our Chinese and Mexican meals, we listened to a nice little band playing Irish music, and people-watched.

After we finished eating, we slowly strolled back to the car and talked about the pretty flowers for sale, and how yummy the cherries looked. We bought some peanut brittle for Mr13.

Summer, here, is just a little bit more magical.