After you've been around for awhile, you learn this: QUESTION EVERYTHING. Why? Well, just for today let's take a look at a few ads from the relatively recent past.

Yes, kids, the Corn Products Refining Company would like to muscle your kids right on up with all kinds of delicious and inexpensive foods and drinks loaded with CORN SYRUP. This ad fails to mention in small print that 60 years later many of our kids will be obese and diabetic in large part due to foods and drinks loaded with...CORN SYRUP.

Speaking of obese, diabetic kids, Motorola doesn't mention that TV turns kids into immobile, passive, weak-limbed sheep whose only activity comes from walking from the TV set to the kitchen to get delicious foods and drinks loaded with CORN SYRUP.

OK, so you don't want CORN about some totally non-calorie super-keen and modernist Fizzies? Delicious! Safer for teeth! Won't spoil appetite! Loaded with toxic cancer-causing artificial sweeteners! Oh...wait.

OK, kids, forget the TV and the food...go play with your toy! It's completely safe and harmless! Enjoy your uranium!

Don't let anyone call you a crank. QUESTION EVERYTHING. You also might get a free coupon or something if you complain enough.