Summer weekends here in the Seattle-ish area are just jammed with outside festivals and events, for summer is short and perfect and must be attended to when it is here. Today we made the short hop over to Redmond to pop into the town's Derby Days festival/bike race, and I took the camera.

First things first...carnival food!

Mmmmm...grilly sweety.

We found a table and people watched while eating our corn on the cob, brisket sammich, mango lemonade, and mini blueberry pie.

Then, as it happened, we were treated to a performance by Caspar Babypants. (Shh, this is actually Chris Ballew from The Presidents of the United States of America and keyboardist Ron Hippe. Oh, wait, it's not a secret. Never mind.) It was fun to watch the little kids go nuts for the music, and especially amusing to see the kids walk right onto the stage and be gently reminded by a big stage crew member to stay on the stairs. My First Bouncer!

There were funny people at Derby Days, including an Elvis juggling on a tall unicycle. Eventually, he left the building/grounds.

The nice Redmond police let the kids sit in their cruiser, and even coerced them into a handcuff photo-op, complete with guilty looks.

The local Dems had a make-your-own-badge booth. I have no idea why MissEight decided to make a colorful Jewish bird.

Whee! There go the bicyclists!

Trader Joe's was also on the agenda for the afternoon, so we left the fest to continue on to the excitement of the grocery store. Lovely day. Thanks, Redmond Derby Days!