Time flies, and Vampire Weekend reappeared in Seattle this week for a two-night run at the Paramount Theater, the replacement gigs for their August 29th Marymoor Park show which was canceled last minute due to illness. There were some whiners and grumblers and put-out sorts after Marymoor, sure, but I think most everyone realized that the band was quite sorry for the mess, and they hustled to provide the best alternative possible for fans. VW enthusiasts MissSeven and I lost our coveted front row spot we had at Marymoor that night, true, but easily scored front row balcony seats at the Paramount last night, so we were fine. Here’s her set-up: little pink camera, earplugs, a roll of LifeSavers, and a water. I like how all her stuff looks like it’s smoldering here.

Tell me what you thought about the Paramount Theater.

MissSeven: I thought it was very fancy and had a lot of lights and a lot of passion. The crowd was really loud.

Me: I like the Paramount. The staff is professional and friendly, and the venue is always supah clean. The crowd last night was mainly made up of the clean hipster teens/20s kids that you for figure for Vampire Weekend, but I spied quite a few little kids too, and some younger than our reporter here. I am very sorry to report that I sat next to an elderly woman who smelled like stale undergarments. Very, very sorry indeed.

Tell me what you thought of the opening act.

Miss Seven: They were a really good band because their voices were good. They weren’t all cough-y like some people’s bands. Like, their voices weren’t rough. Like David Gray. They were country-ish. I don’t know how the woman with the white hair jumped with those high heels!

Me: The Head and the Heart are a local group that is getting a LOT of rapturous praise in this town – Next Big Thing, it’s said. I, too, was most impressed with their vocal skills, showcased in bell-clear, booming three-part harmonies. All were fine musicians. Their sound reminded me a bit of Blitzen Trapper, sort of indie/country blend with a large dollop of rootsy Americana folk. One breakout single and I think they will be on their way to national prominence.

Here’s “Winter Song” and “Heaven Go Easy On Me.”

(A few more pix here.)

What did you think of seeing Vampire Weekend this time? (Last time was during our trip to Washington, DC last spring.)

MissSeven: I thought they played a few different songs and they were really good and they had really pretty lights. Ezra grew his hair. Every song was my favorite song. That’s why I like them.

Me: I have to agree with all her points there. I like every Vampire Weekend song, a lot, and Ezra did grow his hair. In comparison with the DC show, this one seemed a bit more mellow and not quite as musically precise. To me, the band seemed a teeny bit fatigued, although I doubt that would be noticeable to most. This doesn’t surprise me; they’ve been touring nearly non-stop for many months, which can wear on the most hardy. The audience seemed to be into all the songs, happy, more than willing to dance and sing, so don’t sweat it, VW. Take your vitamins. The band was unfailingly polite and genuinely thanked the crowd for giving them another chance to play, which I found pretty damn refreshing. I’ve said it before here – playing your music for people is a real privilege, and having an audience who sticks by you is an honor. It’s really, really nice to see that understood.

Video EXPLOSION time! I gots lots.

"A-Punk," "Horchata," "I Stand Corrected," "Bryn," and the always-delightfully-manic "Cousins."

Yesterday was Bruce Springsteen’s birthday. Here is Vampire Weekend playing a Bruce Springsteen song on Bruce Springsteen’s birthday! PHWWOOOAAR!

I was thrilled that the band added “I Think Ur A Contra” to their set this time. It is my favorite favorite from the “Contra” album, with a sparse, exquisite arrangement that quietly surrounds the somber, sighing resignation of the song’s lyrics.

Finger dance time! You don’t see much of the band in "Mansard Roof" but I just like it anyway for the feel of such happiness from the crowd. Sometimes you just have to get up and dance, you know.

(More VW photos are here.)

Tell me what you thought about taking photos.

MissSeven: I thought it was kind of cool because there were all different lights from last time and robot lights and lights that looked like explosions but weren’t. It was very hard to not be shaky. Everyone moved a lot.

Me: That’s so true. We all do the best we can.

Thank you, Vampire Weekend, from MissSeven and me. We love you.