Every so often, there are these moments. For me, today, it was in the last gasp of a Seattle summer on a Saturday in September in a lounge chair on the patio, just me, MissSeven, and the sound of the boats on Lake Washington.

The leaves are just starting to turn. I miss the bright red color on the Japanese Maple.

HA! SPIDER! Damn, they are everywhere. Fortunately, I don't have a spider phobia.

MissSeven was very pleased to have me all to herself for hours. She likes to be busy and useful, when not being slothful and difficult. She and Ellie decided to water the plants.

The patio needed an expression of global goodwill.

Time for a snack of fresh raspberries. It's not possible to eat raspberries any other way than fingertip style, I agree. MMMMMM.

MissSeven: It's a good day to look through the dinosaur thing!

Me: Yes.

There's a big-ass rip in the leg of my shorts. It came that way. They call it fashion.

MissSeven thoughtfully brings out this teeny tiny little ice cream cup to me, after I had been sitting in the sun for about an hour. We agree, it is just the right amount of ice cream, and it's terribly adorable.

Little did I know, it was the Worldwide Day of Play, sez Our Girl.

"Play!" I said.

"OK!" she said.

And she did.