Where does the time go? I’ve had a busy end of the summer obeying laws, but others have been furiously keeping up with the crime end of things. Enjoy this month’s Police Blotter Round-up!


Warrant Arrest: A 24-year-old Everett man was contacted after he was found sleeping in front of the Edward Jones Office by an employee. The man claimed to be God and stated that he had just changed himself into a female. The man had a felony no-bail warrant for escape along with a warrant out of Lakewood for exposing himself. The man was taken into custody without incident. His most recent felony convictions included robbery and assault.

Suspicious Activities: In the Fauntleroy area, a woman approached newcomers to the neighborhood, asked for a beer, asked to go inside their house, spent ten minutes in the bathroom talking to herself, tried to kiss their father (who was asleep on the couch), demanded they let her walk their dog to the store, and then threatened to sue when their dog bolted and pulled her to the ground.

Disorderly: Around 8 pm Thursday, a citizen called 911 to report that a man “wearing a football helmet and cargo shorts” was yelling, throwing things, and dry humping a dumpster in the 5400 block of California Ave. SW. When officers arrived, the 32-year-old began talking about his wife (pointing to a soiled cardboard cutout of a woman) and called the eight rocks of crack in his tobacco pouch his “good night kiss.” He also appeared to have been getting high on inhalants. The man is a convicted felon and has a history of mental issues. He was transported to the hospital for further care.

Assault: A Kalispell man called in after his wife bit him and drove off in her gold car.

Suspicious: A call came in from a trailer park on Highway 2 East about a man who lurks in the wooded marshy area behind the trailers and scares the kids. Deputies talked to two girls they found wandering around in the wooded area who claimed to have encountered the stranger. They described him as wearing blue capri pants and a woman's flower belt. He was unshaven, his hair was matted and he told the girls he loved them. Deputies were unable to find him.


Theft: Anastasia Richte of 914 Broken Bow Ct., reported two males are believed to have entered her car July 23 at about 9:15 p.m. and stole a deck of cards. When police arrived they could not locate the suspects.

Domestic: A man and a woman on Plentywood Drive yelled and said mean things to each other.

Harassment: A man called in to say that a woman calls him all the time and it bothers him.

Suspicious:  Apparently, there was a man with a southern accent waiting in the bushes on Windsor drive.

Domestic: A man initially refused to leave a Kalispell resident's home. Eventually though, he did.

Nuisance: Someone called in from the Kalispell area to report a vehicle that had been sitting in the woods for a while. It had a rotting bear cape in it that smelled disgusting.

Theft: Someone wanted to talk about a Kawasaki Ninja with a purple and white sticker that may have been stolen nine years ago.

Vandalism, Graffiti: A mirror was found shattered in a men's bathroom in West Glacier. Also, spray painted on a nearby trailer were the words "World Peace Local Plece Repent." Whatever that means.

Suspicious: An old man on a brown bike wearing jean shorts and black socks was seen looking at houses on Birch Drive.

Possible Theft: A woman on Willow Glen Drive reported that she wasn't sure, but someone might have stolen her carpet.

Vandalism: The "g" and the "r" were removed from a sign that used to read Sweetgrass Lane.

Disorderly: A Lakeside resident called in to report that, while he was working in his yard, a guy in a cool mustang drove by and chucked a beer bottle at him.

Assault: A Columbia Falls man called in to say that his wife had punched him in the face. He refused to offer any other information and hung up. When deputies called back the man said he was going to bed and that his wife was happy about it.

Suspicious: A suspicious man rode down Holt Stage on a skateboard while cradling a baby.

Disorderly: Two woman threw a stick at a Holt Drive resident's door.


Disorderly: Police cited Lucille Goodman, 65, of W291 N2201 Elmhurst Drive, Town of Delafield, for disorderly conduct after she urinated outside of BP Open Pantry, 2675 Sun Valley Drive, at about 3:45 p.m. Sept. 8. According to the report, a store employee saw Goodman get out of her car, squat and then get in her car and drive off. Police were notified and a Waukesha County Sheriff's Department deputy located Goodman in her car at her residence. A Delafield officer went to her residence and she admitted to urinating in public.

Disorderly: Police cited Tyler L. Henning, 26, of DeForest, on July 31 for urinating in Okauchee Lake while on a moving boat. The incident occurred at about 2:40 p.m.

DUI, Disorderly: A man who had apparently spent the morning drinking was seen urinating in a parking lot near Kila, walking awkwardly and driving a car badly.

Disorderly: A resident on Highway 2 East reported his neighbor, who had come over and defecated and urinated on his porch. The neighbor was cited for disorderly conduct.


Animal Control: A skunk bit a dog. The dog then murdered the skunk.


Possible Assault: While running down a slope in Lincoln Park Wednesday morning, a jogger was startled by another runner who came from behind, allegedly stumbled, grabbed her hips and, as the police report states, “planted his face in her buttocks” as he went to the ground. The man seemed surprised as well and asked if she was OK, but the woman thought he lingered a bit too long while holding onto her. The stumbler was a white male, aged 30-49, with short blondish hair. He wore a green sweatshirt and dark sweatpants.

Disorderly: Police cited Steven Spinelli, 40, of the Town of Mukwonago for disorderly conduct after he walked through the lobby of the La Quinta hotel, 2801 Hillside Drive, in his briefs Aug. 25. According to the report, Spinelli was swimming in the hotel pool in his underwear and then walked through the lobby. Police were called at about 8:30 p.m. and cited Spinelli and then drove him home, the report said.


Theft: At 2:46 p.m. a Mercer Island woman reported her ring and bracelet missing. On the evening of Aug. 28, she hosted a “Friendship” party at her house. She took off the jewelry and placed the pieces on the counter to prepare food during the event. After the party, the jewelry was no longer where she had put it on the counter. The diamond/platinum ring and diamond/white gold bracelet have an estimated value of $29,000.


Theft: The theft of a “very old, cruddy bike” was reported Monday morning from a garage on 41 Ave s.w. The thief entered the garage (which had no lock … or door) the night before and stole the bike. The victim questioned the alleged thief’s decision making skills, stating that there was a much nicer bike sitting next to the cruddy one. No suspect information was given.

Theft: A Kalispell resident called in to report that someone had broken into their garage and taken the "good" bike.


Assault: The woman called 911 and claimed her “Baby Daddy” (her phrase) had assaulted her. Told that the man of that name was currently in prison, and when shown a booking photo of him, she said, “No, that's not Baby Daddy. But I do know this guy. When is he getting out? I'd like to see him again.” Told he was incarcerated for second-degree rape, she said, “Oh, that's too bad.” After more discussion, she agreed that she apparently didn't know her Baby Daddy's real name.


Disorderly: A 16-year-old Oconomowoc boy was cited for disorderly conduct with a motor vehicle after he drove over the grass at Monterey Park and performed doughnuts in the parking lot at about 4 p.m. Aug. 8. Police were given a description of the car, which was stopped on Road O.


Disorderly: Police cited Richard Lebakken, 63, of Hartford for disorderly conduct after he became upset while talking with a Verizon Wireless employee, 3150 Golf Road, on July 31 about poor reception he receives on his cell phone. The employee told Lebakken there was nothing he could do at this time, the report said. Lebakken admitted to police that he lost his temper.


Drunk, Property Damage: A very intoxicated woman called in to talk about her equally intoxicated boyfriend who was, at the time, beating her car with a crowbar.

Suspicious Behavior: A concerned Fir Terrace resident called in to report two intoxicated young males “hugging and loving on each other” in a nearby ditch.

Disorderly, Breaking and Entering, Assault: A wildly intoxicated 19-year-old Evergreen man was arrested after he came into an elderly woman's house, woke her up and kissed her. He told her he came to babysit and that "Cindy" had sent him. The woman had no idea what he was talking about. The man left but came back shortly after and pushed the 85-year-old woman down. Witnesses claimed he had been running through yards making a general fool out of himself.

OVI: A man was seen Sept. 4 walking away from his truck,which had landed in a ditch. The truck had broken down and caught fire and he had used his beer to put out the flames. He failed the sobriety tests, refused the breath test and was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence. The truck was towed and the driver was taken to jail.

Intoxicated: Police found a woman, who was severely intoxicated, lying on the ground in Public Square around 11:50 p.m. Aug. 27. Officers spoke with her date, who called his 81-year-old father to pick them up and transport the two home.

…and last but not least, we have a PHOTO STORY!


Disorderly, Sexual Assault: A public masturbator who exposed himself to at least three victims earlier this month at O.O Denny Park was caught on camera by one of the victims.King County Sheriff's officials are now using the photo to ask for the public's help to identify the perpetrator. The incident occurred on Aug. 5 at O.O Denny Park, 12400 block of Holmes Point Drive in Kirkland's annexation area. Two women were at the park with their 11-year-old niece when they noticed the suspect watching them and fondling himself while his hands were in his pockets. One of the women called him out for his behavior and he dropped his khaki shorts and continued masturbating, the victims said. One of the victims then took a snapshot of the man. When they said they were calling the police, he got into his blue Ford station wagon and drove off. Detectives believe there could be other victims. If anyone recognizes the man in the photo, they are asked to call the King County Sheriff's Office at 206-296-3311 (24 hours) or 9-1-1.