The runaway Train Of Shame that is the Republican Party just keeps barreling along down the tracks, seemingly completely unaware that this is the year 2010 and that those millions not willing to board are staring in shock at its recklessness. Every day the news brings us more pathetic tales of these shepherds of the nation trying to force their narrow POV on us all. Today’s disgusting political display took place in the U.S. Senate, where the ‘Pubs filibustered the repeal of the military’s unconstitutional “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy for enlisted people of homosexual orientation.

Hello. Senators. IT’S UNCONSTITUTIONAL. You talk a whole lot about that document, but only when it serves your agenda. History and the lessons of time don’t mean squat apparently. It was wrong to deny women the opportunity to serve equally, wrong to segregate minorities in the military and give them the most-dangerous duties over whites. It is wrong to place the special burden of hiding sexual orientation upon gays in the military. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was never the right thing – merely a way for gay people to be able to serve without complete fear of court-martial. It’s more than time to move on. DADT needs to go.

Doesn’t anyone see the INSANITY of this? We have a WAR going on, and one that is not too likely to be wrapped up in a neat and tidy bow anytime soon. We have plowed through and used up thousands of servicemen and women already, forcing them to undertake tour after tour past their original commitments. We have a VOLUNTEER ARMY, and here we have a significant portion of the top leaders in the Senate saying, “Ya know, we can do without those gay folks just fine. We don’t want to make them any more welcome to possibly give their lives for their country, nope. This nonsense about the Constitution just shouldn’t apply in this case.” It’s revolting and completely disheartening. No one is even making any effort to hide their bigotry anymore, and why should they? Apparently, America is a nation chock full of them, and they’ve had their fill of tolerance and sanity. They want to “restore honor” by denying it to others.

Hey, all those Senators who think DADT should stay, I have a suggestion: how about each one of you superior moralists go take a 2-year sign-up in Afghanistan, knowing that by your actions there are thousands of good and willing people of character, both hetero- and homosexual, who will not enlist when such a law is in place. I doubt any of you would change your minds there, but maybe you wouldn’t come back. Harsh? I don’t care. Your legacy does far, far more damage to my beautiful country than any dude in pink camos ever could.

The Kinks: "Shepherds Of The Nation"