So's there I was, sittin' on a wooden bleacher seat, ridin' out Neko Case's set at the Bumbershoot Mainstage waitin' for the Bob Dylan, and I sez to myself, "Hey. What are you doing Marianne. You ain't diggin' Neek, it's a long-ass time until Dylan gets here, you are chilly and far away from the stage and it's all feelin' a little...distant. Yeah, that Zimmerererererererman is a big-time big-deal, good to see a legend, dude's got some serious great songs, but...voice. Is. Shot. You gonna wait...or are you gonna go see two bands you KNOW you like, huh?"

I thought. I waited. I thought some more. Then I sez to myself, "Self? BAIL." And that's how I left the crowded Mainstage for a substantially more intimate Bumberexperience at the EMP Sky Church to see locals Cute Lepers and Danish imports the Raveonettes at the Broad Street stage. Call me a traitor, call me what you will, but I was ready to have FUN UP CLOSE, and I DID.

Walking into the gorgeous Sky Church as the Cute Lepers were starting their set, I felt instantly much much happier and relaxed and energized all at the same time. I was in the right place. Their brand of sharp punk-pop is just my thing. I was surprised to find out they are locals; you would swear they were Brit imports, circa 1977. Very uptempo-pogo with hooks, like the Buzzcocks and Gen X, with the excellent addition of two smokin' girls adding to the visual and sonic appeal. Hard workers, these folks -- they know how to put on a set that makes you want to spaz dance your pants off. I look forward to seeing them again.

Here's "Dirty Baby." (You can see a couple more on my YouTube channel.)

A few photos, more here.

I've liked the Raveonettes for a long time; they've got a very cool, very recognizable sound that somehow mashes My Bloody Valentine with the Shangri-Las and makes it work. Scuzzy and sweet, sonic blasts and sticky candy, with a wary eye lyrically cast towards the 3AM city bus stop, filthy ER waiting rooms, and morning-after abandoned sheets. Unfortunately, the band had to struggle through multiple technical issues with lighting and sound, but they are pros and delivered a strong show.

Said lighting issues can be seen here on "Veronica Fever," with a God-like redemption at 2:07.

"Bowels of the Beast" makes a lot of noise with just two vocals and one snake-y, dark guitar.

"The Last Dance" is very poppy and melodic, and then you listen to the words...I like the cognitive dissonance that makes. CRANNNGGGG.

Pixel time...more here.

So's...Mr. Dylan. I 'pologize to you for not seein' yer combo play this time out n' all; I'll catch ya next time yer around these here parts. I was just busy rockin'.