HA 36

(MissSeven is learning about Mt. St. Helens at school.)

MissSeven: You were alive when Mt. St. Helens blew up.

Me: Yes. I remember thinking then that I was glad I didn't live anywhere near here.

MissSeven: There was some dude who wouldn't leave his house and he got killed. Why?

Me: It's funny. Sometimes with disasters people don't have enough time to leave or they are stubborn and won't leave. They think they will be OK. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren't. Getting killed by a volcano would be a nasty way to die.

MissSeven: The things that kill you are always painful. Or gross.

Mr12: Or unpleasant.

MissSeven: There's no point in arguing with a volcano or death. They are winners in life.

("No One Knows" by Queens of the Stone Age is on the car radio.)

MissSeven: (reading the dash display, indignant) I KNOW!


MissSeven: Anna has a cat called Hunter. He's so cute!

Me: What color is he?

MissSeven: He's black with grayish. Like a grayish black. I like him.

Me: He sounds very pretty.

MissSeven: If he caught a mouse and ate it, then they would have to change his name from "Hunter" to "Mouse Murderer."