Well, how 'bout this, cats n' kittens -- I got to shoot one of my favorite local bands again and ON MY REAL BIRTHDAY! Now that is just FAR too cool! I am a huuuuge fan of wimps, who have just released their first album, "Repeat" (End of Time Records) and have impressed me mightily with their short, sharp, sardonic songs and SUPER FUN live shows. Nice folks, too. Keep these people in pizza and beer! Buy that rekkid now!

Anyway, it was a grand night of music (Dude York and Chastity Belt opened) at the funky Blue Moon, located in Seattle's U-District. There was moshing and falling and laughing, beer cans crushed on the floor, lots of music discussion around rough old wooden tables with new and old pals, more beer, an onstage announcement or two of someone's birthday (!!), bass amp blowout, bass amp fall down, and some awesome new songs and possibly more beer. I had a blast, and thank wimps, Jason Josephes at Blue Moon, and my friend Kitty for helping to my birthday extra-special this year. Here's a few of the photos I took and as always you can click to enlarge them, and see the full set on Flickr RIGHT HERE.  Please to enjoy!

wimps, "Repeat"