I have been a huge fan of silent film legend Harold Lloyd since I was a young teenager, and saw "The World Of Harold Lloyd" compilation reruns on TV. To me, Harold was the Beatles of the silent era: for a time in the 1920s, he was the most-popular film star in the world, with his films out-grossing those of Charlie Chaplin and Buston Keaton combined. I found his movies to be funny, charming, clever, romantic, and optimistic, with the added bonus of unparalleled thrilling stuntwork that Lloyd did himself. I kinda had a crush on the guy, 50 years after his films were made, and can remember asking my Grandma Lizzie to tell me what she remembered about seeing his films (she was born in 1892, Lloyd in 1893). She was bemused that her granddaughter was asking about such ancient history. When I found out that he had died a few years before in 1971, I was a little crushed. I had hoped to write him a letter and tell him that his films were still beloved, and he was not forgotten.

Anyway, I encourage anyone who is a movie fan to wind up the way-back machine and enjoy my very-fave Harold Lloyd film of them all, 1924's "Girl Shy." A bonus for watching this copy is that you can learn Spanish from the extra subtitles! Click on the link below to go to the YouTube and please to enjoy!

"Girl Shy," 1924 (complete)