Oh, dear. I guess music superstar Beyonce was truly upset by what she considered to be "unflattering" photos taken of her at Super Bowl 2013. If you might recall the brou-ha-ha of a couple months ago, Beyonce's publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, immediately sent out take-down notices to any and all news or wire services, online publications, and to photographers themselves upon seeing the pictures of the lovely Beyonce in full rockin'-out action, complete with wild faces and flexin' muscles. It's all part of a passionate performance, right? Well, not to Ms. Noel-Schure and her apparently very unhappy and very powerful client. Even image giant Getty pulled many of the photos, no doubt to appease the PR gods, lest they pull photographer access in a future revenge mode.

UH OH, Getty. Now look what Beyonce has done! The contract currently being distributed to promotors for Beyonce's next tour specifies that NO PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS will be allowed AT ALL for her entire 2013 world tour! Sorry, reviewers, sorry public, you are just going to have to make do with only the approved downloadable photos from Beyonce's public relations folks. And sorry, pro photogs, that's just one more time you won't be able to make the tiny amount of money you might -- might -- have made by taking photos of a popular performer, performing in public in a news-worthy way.

But Miss Ten and I want to help! My artistic daughter has kindly drawn this image of Beyonce, which is downloadable on Flickr and has a "attribution, non-derivative Creative Commons" license on it, which means any publication that might be in need of a photo of Beyonce may publish her drawing for free just by giving credit and not changing it!

We sincerely hope that this assists our media friends.