A trip to the Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle rewarded me with quite a cool find: a stack of 2 1/4" color film slides! It looks to me like they are all from the 1950s, and this little set I think must be from someone's vacation to Southern California. They were all extremely faded, with almost all the detail and color washed away with the decades. Thanks to a few Photoshop manipulations on my part, they are now quite viewable, and that makes me feel good, somehow.

I first thought that the beach might be Santa Monica, but it's not built-up enough. Imperial Beach, maybe? If you can figure this out, tell me in comments!

Someone's tidy little white house, with the concrete block fences peculiar to California and Arizona. I love the little dog in motion, the red wheelbarrow, and the pre-flamingo lawn geese.

The last one I think is of the same lady up there in the bikini. She's looking pretty stylish, huh? Where is she? The zoo, maybe? Welcome to the internet, ma'am!