Today I bring you a few more of the '50s vintage transparencies I got at a local flea market! The first installment was apparently a little trip to Southern California -- I'm really only guessing with the locale and the era here, because there was no information provided with the slides...other than this:

Let's go to the farm, boys and girls! Mike's Place will have to wait for another day.

This set was in even worse shape than the last, with all the 2 1/4" color transparencies turned an evil shade of red. I did the best I could to take them back to something viewable.

 This looks like farm "Sunday best." Grandpa on the left here reminds me of a shorter, chunkier, smokier version of my own Grandpa Guy, who was born in 1887.

This little doggie surely was named "Snuggles" and belonged solely to Grandma. I bet Grandpa would have been mad that Snuggles was up on the bed again.

I wore white ankle socks and Mary Janes and plain cotton dresses like this, too, when I was very little, although I begged for more "mod" '60s clothing. I really like the chicken in the background.

 Tractor races!!

I think this must be Grandma, in her Sunday best. That would be "Spike," Grandpa's "outside dog," behind her.

This is probably the daughter or daughter-in-law of Grandpa and Grandma, with her oldest daughter or a niece. I might retract my whole Sunday theory, because there would be zero chance of either of these ladies wearing pants to church, and zero chance that if it were Sunday, that they wouldn't have gone to church. Stylin'!

Mom and more ginger-haired girls. The plaid girls at LEAST have to be sisters, but I bet they all are. Spike is keeping on eye on the loose chickens.

And finally, while the men are off smoking and tractor racing, Grandma's hauling water from the well with her snappy red bucket. At least she seems happy about it!