I do love working with vintage video, so when a low-fi/psych musician from New Mexico sent me a message via YouTube and said, hey I like your stuff and things that you do and do you think you could give a listen to my stuff and things and maybe make up a little music video for me sometime, I said, OK I WILL TRY. It took me a few months to get to it, but here we are! I felt a maniacal mix of similarly low-fi '70s horrorporn/disco dance/Hostess cupcake commercials would do the trick for this track, "DemonEyes" by Time Squares, so if you are in the mood for snakes, kung fu, Ho-Hos, and bell-bottom polyester pants, please to enjoy! You can visit Time Squares via Soundcloud or YouTube page (where you may also download this track). Vive le internet!

Time Squares, "DemonEyes"