As I sat and worked on photos today, wrapping up my Day 1 of 2012's Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival, I thought, "Man! This was a great day!" I mean, talk about a range of choices and venues...Bumbershoot really is a world-class sampler of the arts, with a distinct Seattle flavor. There is so much there to do and see that I always wish there could be five of me. But once you get over that you can't be Schrodinger's Festival-Goer, you go over the schedule, circle your faves (or acts that may become your new faves) and get moving!

After starting Saturday with King Khan & the Shrines and THEE Satisfaction at the intimate KEXP Music Lounge, King Khan again at the Tunein Stage and Tacocat with a set at the Toyota Free Yr Radio Stage, it was off to the Starbucks Stage to see Austin's Heartless Bastards. This is a band I've been eager to see for a few years, ever since I heard Erika Wennerstrom's incredible, unique voice. Giant sound, big talents.

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(Heartless Bastards Bumbershoot Flickr set)

Then it was off to the Tunein Stage again to see British band, The Heavy. You may be familiar with them from their song "How You Like Me Now?" and I thought they were a blast -- their sound was a super-entertaining mix of funky pop and early rock/garage edginess. Cool!

(The Heavy Bumbershoot Flickr set)

I tells you what: Tacoman (as in 'a native of Tacoma,' not a guy who loves Mexican food, nor the dude in TacocaT, unless he is actually also from Tacoma, whoa) Brad Oberhofer is a force of nature. Appearing on the Sub Pop Stage with his Brooklyn-based band that conveniently shares his last name, our Brad was bursting with energy, clearly stoked to be playing to a hometown crowd again. Red curls flying, he jumped and shredded on an awesome weird guitar with Cookie Monster and Elmo on it, and showed far more stage presence and confidence than one would expect from a 21-year-old. Oberhofer's indie pop shone in live performance, with an unexpected garrulous edge than definitely impressed me. Star quality, this one has.

(Oberhofer Bumbershoot Sub Pop Stage Flickr set)

More tomorrow!