On the third and final day of Seattle's annual Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival, I was hustlin' big time to get out the door on time, fighting my natural tendencies to remain blissfully in bed until morning is safely over. Why the rush, you ask? There was NO WAY, I am saying, NO WAY AT ALL I was going to miss the 1PM concert on the Starbucks Stage by blues-based guitar sensation Jordan Cook, also known as Reignwolf. Everyone I know who has seen him has gone batsh*t crazy afterwards, nearly drooling with enthusiasm about how good this guy is and what a dynamic performer. Plus, he was gonna be signing a guitar for me soon, and I wanted to say thank you, if only by my presence as a fan and as a (with luck, always with luck) competent and grateful photographer.

The pit was packed with paparazzi, as I expected, but since I know and like almost everyone there, it makes for a cozy camaraderie and is great fun. Also as I expected, Jordan was just as amazing as everyone said. Think Black Keys, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray...dirty and soulful, loud and wild, confidently handling vocals and guitar duties like he lives and breathes it, and a truly exciting stage performer on top of it. Kid's got such boatloads of talent (and good-lookin', too), that I expect you to buy his albums and get him to headline the big joints by next year. Seriously.

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(Reignwolf Bumbershoot Flickr set)

Next stop was to run and try to catch a bit of indiepop Liverpudlian band, the Wombats, at the Toyota Free Yr Radio Stage, where they did an acoustic set and interview recorded live for podcast. Oh, dang, I thought as I got there -- it's jam-packed with nice youths who seemed very excited to see them, and the band also seemed very excited to see the nice youths. The very very nice and youthful Alyssa, who was doing PR for the Toyota project that day, saw my camera-laden self and pouty face as I was trying to figure out how to get a view, and she kindly swooped in and led me around to a much better area. I was able to get a few shots, hear "Jump Into The Fog," a song I really like, and then gave up my spot to another photog. The lads (because we call all musicians from Liverpool "lads") did a great job, and props to Toyota too for partnering with KEXP and the Vera Project to give young people interested in radio and production a chance to learn and show off their skills at the Free Yr Radio Stage!

(The Wombats Bumbershoot Toyota Free Yr Radio Stage Flickr set)

More from Day Three soon!