Whew! OK! Here are the last three photo sets of bands I shot at Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival this year, 22 in all, although I did photograph King Khan & the Shrines twice, so there. (I have one more very special set of photos to come from the very very last thing I did at Bumbershoot, but it might take a little longer to get up here. You'll understand, and believe me, it's WORTH THE WAIT. Like, HOO EE! MAN! HUBBA HUBBA! HOLY CRAP! That kind of thing.) But for today, we begin with indie pop band The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart on the very cool Sub Pop Stage, notably with the lovely Peggy Wang on keyboards and the excellently energetic Kip Berman on lead vocals and guitar...(and as always, click on the photos to enlarge and click on the Flickr links for more!)

(The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Bumbershoot Flickr set)

After a little break for dinner and general collapse in the press room, it was off to see electropop musician Lights at the Tunein Stage, on several photogs' recommendations. Lights was once called Valerie Anne Poxleitner, before she up and legally changed her name to "Lights." Well, why not? At age 25, she already has some impressive things on her resume like writing for Sony/ATV Music as a teenager and winning several nifty musical awards. I was a little sad she didn't play her keytar when I was there, but she did really drive the teen girls wild with happy.

(Lights Bumbershoot Flickr set)

Another recommendation I received was to be sure to catch at least a few minutes of LP, which in this case stands for the more standard moniker of singer-songwriter Laura Pergolizzi. Like Lights, LP has found success in working as a "house writer" but has big buzz going as a performer in her own right. She's got a really powerful voice and her set at the Toyota Free Yr Radio Stage was just jam-packed with fans, so it was a big challenge to get some pics, but I did. I can't think of anyone else currently who is channeling the whole '66 Bob Dylan look any better, can you?

(LP Bumbershoot Flickr set)

With only a couple more Bumberposts to do for the year, I am still a little in awe of the whole experience, again. I really can't recommend it enough as both a photographer and a music/arts fan. You really should go next year! We could have a free Starbucks beverage together!

Think about it. You have a year to plan. GO!