My street is torn up
Cars backed up, long snaking line
Just in time for school!

My alternate route
Is similarly beset
I find no escape.

I wait at a light
A truck blows through a red, HA!
A cop was ready.

At a 4-way stop
I wait, then I go, and WHEE!
An asshole goes too.

A long wait behind
A Camry that is spewing
Fumes at me, dammit.

Bump! Bump! Bump! Bump! Bump!
Guess what! Now my groceries
Spilled in the back seat.

Why did my car cross
The road? To get to school late,
Now filthy with dust.

Even more awful
Not one of the construction
Dudes was good looking.

Another week of
This crap, so I went to the
Store and bought some beer.