What a fun sunny SEATTLE DOIN' STUFF day today! Donated/shopped at a cool charity rummage sale (got a pile of vintage LIFE mags and an awesome pecking hens toy), visited a cool guitar shop where I could only drool, ate a spectacular bacon BBQ burger and washed it down with a Manny's beer, then headed out for a little visit to a thrift shop on lovely Mercer Island, WA. I didn't end up buying anything there, but I did find more weird records! Please to enjoy!

Apparently, Bob Hannon's singing makes children deeply suspicious and close to tears.

So, what's the title for their second album: "Dead?"

 I actually laughed really, really loudly in the store when I read this for two reasons: that REX TRAILER is one of the best names ever, and that I pictured him actually having cows for hands.

Hmm, now that looks more like a WOMAN and a MAN to me. I'm hoping she upends the breakfast tray all over the bed, and then his foofy cigaratte holder spills ashes and starts the slaughtered animal skin throw on fire. Now THAT'S a RECORD!

 Oh, DO let me guess...a record called "The Living Constitution" made by Union Oil Company has something to do with our Founding Fathers granting us inalienable rights to grab up everyone's else's oil and befoul the planet? Something in that vein? you notice here on "For You Alone" that there is no artist listed and no song titles, just a picture of a startled-looking woman walking alone in the woods? CREEPY and LIMITED EDITION!

 I really wish there were a "U" after "4" and that then you could hear Beavis and Butthead going, "uh huh huh huh huh huh."


Of course, I read this as "scotch, the alcoholic beverage," and I could actually be correct.

Wanna know what I believe, Ms. Bryant? I believe that your anti-gay activism makes you a piece of shit!

I wish this were animated.

This guy is so confident you will know who he is or be so intrigued to want to know who he is, he doesn't put any identifying info other than his five-headed, Amish-bearded mug on the cover. NAH, PASS.

The whole "I'm staring reverently at Heaven, like I can see angels n' shit" Christian music LP cover is very very popular. Also, "Bill Williams" is a dumb name.

Since this whole place is empty, I hope that Dean McNichols plays nothing but old-timey skate rink music on his Wurlitzer.

And...extra special video treat! Here's the chicken pecking toy I got! I can't stop! WHEEEE!