I think you might agree that I've saved my best photo set from 2012's Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival for last; indeed, this was the very last event I attended at the festival this year. I had been tipped off by several people that the performance at the Bagley Wright Theater by Seattle-based burlesque troupe the Atomic Bombshells was something to be seen. That is the UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE EVER! In fact, after the jaw-dropping sexy, silly, and steamy Hour of GIRL POWER, I needed to take a few minutes to collect my blown-out mind to be able to walk again. HOO EEE, MAN, I TELL YOU! The show far exceeded any expectations I had, and the girls (and amiably wicked MC dude Jasper McCann) rocked the house like I am quite sure it's never been rocked before.

So, what made the Atomic Bombshells different than a night at, say, your dingy Cheetah strip club on the Airport Access Road in Anywhere, U.S.A.? Everything, everything, everything, from the stunningly gorgeous costuming and lighting, the engaging patter from McCann, and the deep devotion of the women in recreating and renewing the art of burlesque. Each dance move, down to the flick of a stocking leaving a bared toe, was precisely delivered, showing athleticism, grace, and attention to minute detail. Each individual performance was choreographed to take full use of the stage, yet also be able to connect strongly with the crowd. It was so much fun, and done so well.

Did I feel a little weird taking photos of almost-sometimes-nekkid wimmins from the front row? As I am from the Midwest, the answer is "yes," but LIKE THAT WOULD STOP ME! Here's a few for you to view, and you may click on the photos to enlarge (heh) and click on the Flickr link to see more. If you REALLY want to see more, and you should, I strongly encourage you to see the Atomic Bombshells when they sashay your way!

P.S. - When the lobster came out, I didn't stop laughing for nearly the whole segment. That last photo is now my screensaver.

(The Atomic Bombshells Bumbershoot Flickr set)